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New Product – nTech Skate from Nitro Factory Devices

New Product – nTech Skate from Nitro Factory Devices

We are excited to announce that we have begun offering the nTech Skate from Nitro Factory Devices.


(What is nTech Skate?)

nTech Skate is a premium mouse skate meticulously designed with a focus on shape and material. Instead of the conventional punching method used in standard mouse skates, it uses high-speed rotating tools to carve out the skates from the material, creating beautiful dome-shaped curves.

The "Speed Type" features a more pronounced dome shape for high initial speed and smooth glide, while the "Balanced Type" has a flatter shape for enhanced stability.

Furthermore, this cutting method enables the use of materials previously unsuitable for mouse skates due to heat treatment challenges, each offering unique characteristics.

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