Mousepad for Victory

Japanese Craftsmanship Meets Gaming

ARTISAN is recognized as the world's foremost Made in Japan gaming mouse pad brand. Their high-quality mouse pads have garnered the support of e-sports players globally.

What sets ARTISAN apart is their unique approach: offering multiple models (currently six), each with distinct sliding surface characteristics, further diversified by multiple hardness levels and sizes.

As a result, their product lineup has grown to over 100. Maintaining such a diverse lineup is inefficient and clearly goes against commercialism, yet they continue to produce, driven by the commitment to offer the perfect mouse pad for each individual.

Glide feelings cannot be easily defined and vary with each game title. We hope you find your own perfect mouse pad that suits your unique needs.


Performance Core

How ARTISAN balance the contradictory performances of 'glide' and 'stop' to create unique products.

 Innovative Surface  

Each model features different materials and weaving techniques for the glide surface. These variations result in differing balances of speed, X-Y speed difference, and tracking performance, defining the unique characteristics of each model.

Furthermore, the use of polyester, known for its low water and moisture absorption, prevents the mouse pad from becoming heavy due to humidity or hand sweat during play, thereby ensuring a consistent glide performance.

 Multi hardness  

The hardness and flatness of the middle layer significantly affect the mouse's operability. ARTISAN features a ripple-free design with three multi-hardness middle layers.

When stopping the mouse, the pressure transmitted to the mouse creates a slight indentation in the glide surface, which facilitates stopping. Adequate thickness of the mid-layer is necessary for this. ARTISAN's mid-layers are 0.16"/4mm thick (MID is 0.12"/3mm) to support superior aiming performance.

 Perfect Non-Slip Sole  

The underside of the ARTISAN mousepads features high anti-slip properties. Even during intense gaming movements, the mousepad remains firmly in place.

Model Guide

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