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H2-un fms : nTech Fit for Finalmouse S

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H2-un fms is designed to transform Finalmouse S Size into a High Hump shape.
A High Hump refers to the mouse shape when viewed from the side, where there is a peak at the rear of the mouse.

Nitro Factory classifies users who prefer High Hump shapes into three types:
1.Those who want to place the base of their index and middle fingers on top of the mouse.
2.Those who want to fit the hollow of their palm to the rear of the mouse.
3.Those who want to place the base of their ring and little fingers on the rear sides of the mouse.

The shape elements sought by each type for a High Hump shape are as follows:

1.The peak of the mouse aligning with the base of the index and middle fingers.
2.The rear curve of the mouse being close to spherical.
3.The rear sides of the mouse being close to vertical.

Since these three shape elements do not interfere with each other, the H2-un is designed to integrate all three elements, aiming for a universal High Hump shape.

(Included items)
・1 x nTech Fit
・4 x double-sided tape for installation

*Mouse itself is not included.

*Items that have been opened cannot be returned.


- UltralightX S Size
- Starlight-12 S Size

(Installation Guide)
Stick the included double-sided tape onto the round tape attachment area on the side with the hollowed-out section, and then attach it to the mouse for use.
As a tip for installation, first adjust the position by placing it on the mouse, and then press it down firmly once the position is set.
When removing the nTechFit from the mouse, it will be easier to detach if you slide the flat surface of the nTechFit upwards from the bottom of the mouse.

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Weight : 10g