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nTech Fit for Pulsar X2 mini : Spacer for VG-a1 Pulsar X2 mini

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Spacers are parts designed to further customize your nTech Fit to better suit your preferences. You can adjust the grip of the VG-a1 Pulsar X2 mini to better fit the length of your fingers and the width of your hand.

nTech Fit VG-a1 Pulsar X2 mini is designed to alleviate the discomfort and tightness around the little finger commonly experienced by users of the victory grip, allowing for a more natural position of the little finger. With the nTechFit Spacer, you can further customize it to your liking. 

The kit includes three types of spacers:

dec : To decrease the angle of the little finger

inc : To increase the angle of the little finger

thc : To increase the thickness of the little finger

These spacers can be used individually or stacked together. By experimenting with different combinations of spacers, you can find the best position and angle for the VG-a1 that suits you.

(Included items)

・1 x Spacer dec

・1 x Spacer inc

・1 x Spacer thc

・4 x double-sided tape for installation

*Mouse itself and nTech Fit VG-a1 are not included.

*Items that have been opened cannot be returned.


Pulsar X2 size1 (X2 mini)

(Installation Guide)
Attach about three pieces of double-sided tape to the concave side and stick it to the mouse or other nTech Fit spacers.
When removing it from the mouse, it is easier to detach by sliding it upwards from the bottom of the mouse. Please be careful not to try to peel it off by hooking it with your nails, as this may cause injury.

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Weight : 1-2g per piece