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nTech Fit for Viper mini SE : LF-a1

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LF-a1 is designed to create space between the little finger and ring finger when adopting a grip with extended fingers.

When holding the mouse with the second joint of the little finger extended at an angle of approximately 90 to 180 degrees, interference between the little finger and ring finger may occur depending on the length and balance of the fingers.

This interference can lead to a restriction in the range of motion when bending the little finger and ring finger, which in turn can limit the mouse's vertical movement.

This vertical movement of the mouse is used not only for aiming up and down but also as an auxiliary action to adjust the height of the crosshair when moving the mouse left and right.

Simply swinging the mouse left and right can cause the crosshair's height to fluctuate, but this difference is unconsciously corrected by moving the mouse forward and backward with the fingertips.

By creating space between the little finger and ring finger, the fingers no longer interfere with each other, the restriction on the range of motion for the mouse's vertical movement is eliminated, and more natural movements can be achieved.

(Included items)

・1 x nTech Fit
・12 x double-sided tape for installation

*3 pieces of tape are used for each installation.

*Mouse itself is not included.

*Items that have been opened cannot be returned.


Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition

(Installation Guide)
Stick the included double-sided tape onto the round tape attachment area on the side with the hollowed-out section, and then attach it to the mouse for use.
As a tip for installation, first adjust the position by placing it on the mouse, and then press it down firmly once the position is set.
When removing the nTech Fit from the mouse, it will be easier to detach if you slide the flat surface of the nTech Fit upwards from the bottom of the mouse.

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Weight : 4g